About Us

John and Anna are enthusiastic and happily married travellers. Individually, we have travelled to almost all parts of the world and together we have refined what we’ve learned individually.

Although we travel extensively our travel experience has been shaped by travel from a different era. I can remember hand written airplane tickets and when you wanted to go on vacation, you went to your local travel agent and they recommended a trip and away you went. These were simpler times.

Today, there are so many choices and the internet is bombarding us daily with special travel offers from every corner of the world. Where do you start looking and maybe most importantly, who do you trust when making a decision.

John and Anna Travel is a labour of love; a personal service-style travel agency with a twist of adventure and lots of travel experience. I can tell you that we don’t do this for the big bucks but for the love of travel. Working with our clients also gives us insight into how and where we will travel next.

We think you might be looking for something different too, so, take a look around our web site, Dream, Explore, Share and start Packing!