Why Choose John and Anna Travel?

John and Anna Travel are destination travel specialists. We like to send people on vacation to places we or our carefully selected partners around the globe have had some experience with, it’s just happier this way. We also think that you have better things to do with your valuable time and besides, we are ready to help you understand the details of your worldwide travel adventures.

We will help you figure out:

  • Your travel budget
  • What fun really means for you
  • Travel options, including air, rail, bus, cruise ship or any kind of travel option you might be interested in
  • What excursions and dining options might be available to you on any given itinerary

And when we’ve got it all down, we are ready to find you the best deal available and book your travel adventure!

What else can we do?

  • We will give you our opinion on travel destinations and advise you of any local customs you should be aware of
  • Provide support for acquiring a passport or visa
  • Point towards where you can get shore guides or podcast walking tours of your destination

How much does it cost for us to help you?

  • For the most part, we are paid by the transportation providers (airlines, cruise operators, rail companies, car rental companies etc.) And by hotels and by excursion operators or other affiliate agencies we work with.