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Where to start? For thousands of years, civilizations have started and finished in Europe. This is a place with hundreds of languages and dialects which are stitched together by shared values. But Europe remains surprisingly diverse and each country retains its own independent personality and culture. And thanks to the European Economic Union, traveling in Europe is relatively simple and straightforward.

So where do you start? Is it ancient architecture, history, Castles, churches? There is so much to see and do in Europe that it is hard to know where to start. Forget for a moment the obvious destinations like London, Rome and Paris because you could spend your whole vacation in any one of these beautiful places. There are many other locations that offer Travel Adventure, potentially off the beaten track. Go exploring in Turkey, find a quiet sun drenched beach in Greece, discover Spain and their amazing wine growing regions, find out about the rise and fall of the Roman empire in surprisingly spread out destinations.

Getting to Europe is easy enough and planning your vacation doesn’t have to be complex. We have broken our Europe into 8 countries. Start the conversation here and end up with a vacation of a lifetime.

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