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John and Anna gave it:
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Very beautiful Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Very beautiful AmaWaterways

This particular cruise is on me and Anna’s bucket list. I’ve been to Vietnam several times but for work rather than holiday and so know both Ho Chi Ming City (Saigon) and Hanoi. I was doing work that involved building a very large public hospital in Saigon and working through a local partner who treated me very well both professionally and socially. By this I mean that he showed me the sights, ordered the food and provided the local commentary about motor scooters, best places to eat and the rivalry between Ho Chi Ming City and Hanoi. Since then, I have been reading more and more about Vietnam and the surrounding countries like Cambodia, and it truly is a place to visit before taking that last cruise vacation. 

Mekong River Life
Mekong River Life

So although we’ve not ever sailed with AmaWaterways, their reputation precedes them. They are both reputable and credible; been in business for many years and pioneered European River Travel. Maybe more than anything, I am impressed that AmaWaterways gives back to communities and are socially responsible.  

Temples deep in the jungle
Temples deep in the jungle

What I like about this cruise is the absolute saturation of places to stop. For this trip, you should have good walking shoes and be ready for adventure. You will visit ancient temples, mist-covered mountains and colorful floating markets along the Mekong River as you travel by river cruise through two of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful countries. Along the way you’ll, visit a Buddhist monastery, the Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh. You can even try your hand at the delicate art of rice papermaking.

Anna and I are interested in taking this cruise personally. We’d like to hear from you about this itinery and your interest. Perhaps we can organize a group tour!

Interested in this adventure? Let us know!

For more information about this cruise, click HERE to download their brochure.

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