Hello everyone and welcome to the first edition of the John and Anna Travels Travelogue - a blog about travel based on our experiences (both good and bad). It’s also a place where our friends and clients can post their information and pictures. Best of all, it’s a great way to stay in touch with family and friends.

Anna and I try to travel 3 – 4 per year, with one trip being sort of the epic trip and the others a bit more low key, like a beach, mountain, or driving vacation. It all depends on the time of year, amount of time off we have, and our budget.

Before I start writing, I’d like to say that the way Anna and I travel might be a bit different than you might expect. I am British by heritage and my Mom taught me to be frugal (if you had met Marge you would know exactly what I’m talking about). Anna is originally from Poland and is particularly European in her views; she likes to buy the best but pay the least. Together we share the love for good quality stuff, but at the lowest possible price. We love gourmet food but also eat from street vendors; we like excursions but not the price charged by the cruise lines or the hotels. We can be very creative and adventurous. We like to see, do, and eat everything!

For the purpose of this travelogue, I will be breaking this one trip up into bite-sized pieces in an attempt to keep you sane. The Travelogue is quite interactive so please feel free to comment and contribute.

The Summer of 2015 was John and Anna's epic vacation to Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Greece! We actually have a bucket list, it's an excel spreadsheet with all the destination places listed on it. This trip was number 3 on our bucket list and the trip was amazing.
Day One Roman Historical Monuments The Coliseum. The Forum. Lots of fountains We walked almost 10 klm in 37degree heat, Drink water and wear a hat!
European Trek and Cruise 2015 Day 5 - Riparbella, the heart of Tuscany
Day 7 Venice, Italy Yesterday we left our friends Ralf and Gocha in Riparbella...
Split is small, quaint and full of history. Not yet spoiled by tourist hordes, Split is an Adriatic treasure. We were wandering around the Roman ruins and came across a group of acapella singers singing traditional Dalmatian songs. The group is called Klapa Vestibul although I am told that Klapa…
Santorini really must be for lovers!
Game of Thrones never looked better.
Victoria, British Columbia to Maasai Mara National Park, in Kenya, Africa! This was high on our Travel Bucket List and we were able to live like locals while there.
Victoria, British Columbia to Maasai Mara National Park, in Kenya, Africa!
Episode 2: We slept in luxurious tents and observed the wild animals during the day.

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