Ased and Tonya's Family Safari: Episode 2

Ased and Tonya's Family Safari: Episode 2

Family Safari to Kenya Family Safari to Kenya photo by Tonya Wilson-Said

In the winter of  2013, my wife, two kids (ages 9 and 7) and I embarked upon an adventure to experience the wonders found at the cradle of civilization.  This four week trip to Kenya to visit family and friends included four nights at Maasai Mara National Park. 

We made the decision to travel to Kenya in the off season, simply to save some money and were excited about witnessing all the majestic wildlife that the Park offers including resident wildebeests, hyenas, lions, vultures, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, antelope and rhinos.

We booked our safari vacation at Heritage East Africa an amazing safari and tour operator with a very good reputation, according to my Uncle. And YouTube has many very cool videos of this property to back him up. 

The tent camps were luxurious and well stocked with all modern day amenities. Although surprisingly cool in the mornings, it warmed up to equatorial temperatures by mid-day. The camp also had a pool which was well used by the kids. Poolside we could view game that was grazing just outside the fence. Our alarm clocks name is George, and he knocked on our door every morning with a tray of hot tea and cookies. 

We enjoyed three game drives a day. The dawn drive was ideal for witnessing the misty morning activities of the wildlife. Every morning we enjoyed a picnic on the savannah. Not sitting in our truck, but on the earth under a tree - hoping not to become breakfast ourselves. Our guide kept a watchful eye for approaching game assuring us that our position on the hill kept us out of range of the lions. I wasn’t as convinced and kept scanning our surroundings while my usually picky kids ate every piece of food offered them.

Midday drives allowed us to find prides of the lions soaking in the sun, elephants at drinking holes and giraffes eating lunch from Acacia trees; seeing zebra and warthogs became commonplace.  The evening drive offered a front row seat to the daily migration of a multitude of wildlife making their way to higher ground as they prepared themselves for the night. 

Each drive offered a different perspective and introduced something exhilarating. The kids were engaged in every moment. 


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