Pay attention to local religious customs

Pay attention to local religious customs

I am always amazed by the number of times I see tourists huddled around the ticket dispensing machine at a train or bus terminal. With no attendants in sight buying a simple ticket can be quite exasperating. It’s funny as we get up to that machine and our minds don’t contemplate the language; hey, all I want is a ticket!

This is a tip that dawned on me while Anna and I were in Istanbul last summer. After watching 20 Australian tourists try and figure out the machine and walking unhappily away, without their tickets, it was my turn. Indeed the machine was complicated and all of the instructions were written in Turkish. I examined the machine closely and was interested in one button panel that was surrounded by flags (British, French, etc.) I assumed correctly that this was how you changed the language on the ticket vending machine. 

Once I had changed the machine into English, all I had to worry about was having the correct change. 

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